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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Autocorrect isn't always correct

Salam and hello readers :)

I selalu terfikir kadang kadang teknologi bukan memudahkan. Some of it might memalukan and yeah it's funny. I laughed a lot reading some of the auto correct on high tech gadget like iPhone Android and else. Seriously saying, it happens around us. Kadang kadang tengok my friend kena memang rasa kelakar and kesian. Hahaha :D Here are some of the funny autocorrect I found.
This is the worst I guesss? :P
Okay maybe autocorrect yang dalam gambar - gambar ni dibuat - buat ke apa I pun tak tahu tapi yang pasti memang I LMAO :D

Chocolate cheese sandwich

Salam and hello readers:)

Sem break ni memang am a full time baker dekat rumah. Petang tadi nak buat pavlova tapi bila fikir balik nanti tak tahu nak buat apa with the yolks so I bake some flower chocolate cheese sandwich. Mom and Dad going to Kota Tinggi today so I own the kitchen lah :P I thought nak bagi the recipe to the readers but tadi I came up with my own recipe without the exact sukatan and else so later I bagi okay :) So here are some of the photos :) Enjoy 'staring' at ze foodssss photo :P
Till then people :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

It's funny when...

Salam and hello readers :)

Been reading my blog drafts. Lots of 'em about 200? Yeah. Random stories happened around me. Yang kelakar yang serious yang pahit yang manis masin masam payau semua lah. Bila fikir semula, kelakar juga hidup aku. Kehidupan sekolah lah zaman gemilang setiap manusia. Jujur, we ended up thinking 'Alaa sekolah tak lah teruk mana pun. Enjoy je lebih' Sekarang umur pun dah 19 tahun. Tahun depan dah 20 :') Dewasa dah ni :O Okay bye :)

*Thought of sharing some info and experience masa pergi USS during Eid Adha this year. Yeah I know dah berlapok. Sorry la :D later eh?

That guilty feeling :O

Salam and hello readers :)

Okay I know I've been abusing my blog for quite some times. Yeah you know am lazy busy and what not. Am in my semester break. Alhamdulillah, cuti semester kali ni quite long. Almost 2 month I should say, no? Yeah, almost. So what did I do during my sem break? Nothing, ehhhhh? Literally I did nothing. Not working like others so no penny in my pocket so I can't go shopping. Sobs :'( I spent most of my time with my family at home. I bake a lot and my family blame me for gaining some weight. No you can't blame me :( Am innocent liddat ya know? hehe. And yes I did spent my time with the one who understand me the most :) Alhamdulillah :)

Actually, ada sikit rasa takut. Yela kan result dah nak keluar and all I can do is redha with whatever I'll get and still, pray for a better result :) Next semester will be another new challenge in my life. Tough I should say. Gotta deal with all the circumstances and everything around. Hopefully I can cope well to deal with my life. Ya la you can't run away from your prblem kan? It will hunt you. LOL :D
Okay dah, I miss my hommies actually. Been looking for some times to meet 'em :')

Take care people :)